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  • You  have recurring challenges that limit growth, profitability and quality of life. 

  • These challenges are actually caused by "U" 

  • You know the symptoms well but never identified the ROOT problem. 

  • You know what to do but don't know why you don't do it. 


  • STOP studying everything else and START studying "U"

  • "U" are the only common ingredient in your successes and your challenges. 

  • Build a solid "U" Foundation that will support your business strategy. 

  • Insert strategy to the New "U" and break through previous limits

  • Experience a life and business that energizes you!  

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Are you investing in your most valuable asset? 

Business owners will invest 80k+ in a truck or piece of equipment but miss investing in their most valuable asset...U! Those that invest in themselves...get the best return of their life. As an owner, your impact is in everything you do. You impact customers, your team, sales, operations and so much more. Investing in understanding "U" will become the largest payout of your life. 

Identification of ROOT 
Simple Plan

We are experts at Identifying ROOT issues

98% of the time we uncover in the first 1-hour call

In Momentum U...

We create a SIMPLE custom measurable plan for you

We CLARIFY your message so you attract more clients and improve sales.

Be a Part of the Movement!

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How We're Different 

We believe until you study yourself you will never fully have explosive momentum. You can still have success however it will be limited by the "U" part. We focus on studying "U". This means we evaluate how you make decisions, why and what is influencing those decisions that you may not be aware of. Where we see many people fall short is when they try to implement strategy first. We naturally think the next conference or book we read will help our recurring challenge. They may provide short wins but the natural energy of "U" will default back to what you know. Under this part is understood it will be hard to break through to the next level. We focus on fixing the root not patching with "stuff." "Once you learn how to fish you don't need to rely on someone to feed you." That is our goal. 

Its not just about being good but GREAT....

We support you in living your best life.  ​

  • We evaluate and provide a simple roadmap to how you can progress to the next level of life, personally, with family or professionally. 

  • We challenge yourself to design your ideal life. Whatever that entails 

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Author, Founder Momentum U

All the essential resources

Expand your thinking 

Create awareness and get a proper diagnosis of your symptoms. Stop limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Challenge the status quo while taping into the power of "U"with your business strategy. 

Understand Value 

Craft your organization's value, so that it separates you from your competition and allows you to have premium offerings. 9 out 10 companies believe that they know their value; however, their customers' view does not align in the same way. Learn how to value non-balance sheet areas that have a significant impact on your profitability and growth. 

Engage the team

The alignment of your team will help you do less, while your team, who wants to do more, achieves consistent, premium results. Momentum is about it being easier not harder.

Set a new strategy 

Your business strategy will be based on what we learn together. We will help you set a new organizational strategy that encompasses the 7 key elements of momentum. This solution will be custom to your organization. 

Learn how to foster it 

Once you have momentum going, you need to know how to keep it going. We’ll show you!

Get Hype!

Get the crowd behind you. They will energize, inspire and make it fun for you and your team. Get ready to amplify your message! Doing it the correct way will help you connect and close more deals in any industry!

How long has has (X) been going on and how much is it costing you? 


Get out of the Comfort Zone!

Challenge yourself today to get better. If you are doing great. Push yourself to get to the next level. We all have what that means to each of us. It's may not be comfortable to study "U" at times but it will force growth and lead you to the magic. It's time. Start by setting up a free "U" session or watch our free  first training. 

What Others Are Saying...

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"For me, it was a block about leading as a woman. Once Seth helped identify this, a switch happened. I realized why I struggled to get true momentum. If you understand how to leverage momentum, it makes everything EASIER!!"



"Seth digs deep, and helps build true momentum from a holistic level. His approach works. It is not only for today, but for the future of work and business"


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"I worked with Seth 6 years ago, and I still use what I learned. It has impacted me personally, it has propelled my career at a rapid pace, improved my team and helped me and my company win. When I calculate the ROI number, it is not only my salary increases, company growth, or EBIT targets; it impacts those that I work with today. Seth’s core principles are things I use with my team still to this day. So when I think of ROI, it’s the way I am able to elevate people around me because of Seth’s principles. Seth is a true family man. Knowing that his reach has bettered the lives of families he has never met; I know makes his dedication to his craft worth it. The momentum I have gained from my time with Seth is still moving at a rapid pace. It is because his principles truly work. My career path has taken me into Sales Management. Seth has always been big on engaging with a team to create synergies across many areas. My teams work as one cohesive team because of what I was able to learn from Seth. I love this stuff!!!!"


How to grow your business faster





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