• Identify what’s holding you back

  • Regain your energy & passion 

  • Learn how to build to sustain  

  • Get the crowd behind you!


Running a successful team or business can be exhausting

Long hours, endless tasks just for another year of the same. “We didn’t make any money.” You are the only person that this makes sense to...but it doesn’t make sense you just tell yourself its the way it is. You’re not alone. 

Common reasons for a struggling business

You do not know who your client really is. 

You are not clear on your expertise and your value

Your sales approach does not solve a problem 

You are attracting or maybe allowing the wrong talent on your team

Your staff is disengaged 

Your pricing is off

Common reasons for a

struggling business

So what’s the solution?

Momentum U helps business owners and leaders identify blocks that are holding them back from achieving TRUE Momentum so they can experience a renewed sense of passion and energy in themselves that infiltrates their team through their customers. If your goal is to build business momentum that is exciting for everyone around you, we have a proven process for business owners and leaders that generates 500% ROI within 8 weeks. 

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  • Win again 

  • Engage your staff

  • Do less with more

  • Make IMPACT at work and home

All the essential resources

Expand your thinking 

Stop limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Only to be in the same place every year. Maybe you want to sell premium. What’s holding you back?

Understand Value 

Learn how to put an ROI on non-balance sheet items to use to your advantage. When you can define the value you and others see what is truly important 

Engage the team

The alignment of your team will help you do less and your team wants to do more. Momentum is about it being easier not harder.

Set a new strategy 

Based on what you’ll learn you’ll set a new direction that will be in alignment with you, your team and the company. 

Learn how to foster it 

Once you have it going now you need to know how to keep it going. We’ll show you

Get Hype!

Get the crowd behind you. They will energize, inspire and make it fun

Want to go deeper?

Why join Momentum U?

Our team will guide you, hands-on through the mental, strategic and personal shifts need for you to become the owner or leader you are capable of being. You have a vision but maybe have never been able to live it out. Get measurable personal and business growth in the next 8 weeks by getting SUPPORT,  not just “information”

  • Bring extra margin to the bottom line

  • Have your team function like a team 

  • Work less, get more done

  • Regain your joy and energy

  • Increase customer and employee retention 

  • Be the best YOU for your family

Does Momentum U really work? 

"For me it was a block about leading as a woman. Once Seth helped identify this, a switch happened. I realized why I struggled to get true momentum. If you understand how to leverage momentum it makes everything EASIER!!"


"Seth digs deep and helps build true momentum from a holistic level. His approach works. It is not only for today but for the future of work and business"


"I worked with Seth 6 years ago and I still use what I learned. It has impacted me personally, it has propelled my career at a rapid pace, improved my team and helped me and my company win. When I calculate the ROI number, it is not only my salary increases, company growth, or EBIT targets; it impacts those that I work with today. Seth’s core principles are things I use with my team still to this day. So when I think of ROI, it’s the way I am able to elevate people around me because of Seth’s principles. Seth is a true family man. Knowing that his reach has bettered the lives of families he has never met; I know makes his dedication to his craft worth it. The momentum I have gained from my time with Seth is still moving at a rapid pace. It is because his principles truly work. My career path has taken me into Sales Management. Seth has always been big on engaging with a team to create synergies across many areas. My teams work as one cohesive team because of what I was able to learn from Seth. I love this stuff!!!!"


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