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U are the secret to your own Momentum! Learn How Sign up Today

4 Sessions over the Summer! $147 Total or $49 per session. 

  1. How to Unlock the Momentum in U!  July 14th

  2. The 7 Keys to Start and Sustain Momentum August 11th

  3. Business is Booming how to keep it September 15th

  4. How to use AutoPilot in your business October 13th

You won’t be able to unlearn this! 

Don’t miss this Action Packed Event! 

If you understand Momentum…..U win! 

Connect the missing dots to Driving to your ultimate business vision 


What is the U Series? 

The secret to Momentum is in U. U have it you simply have to unlock it. When you understand how to do this it changes everything. You will not be able to unlearn this. This series is developed for business owners and leaders that are ready to connect everything that they learned and 10x that knowledge. The only common denominator in your success and your failure is U! Combine it with your business strategy and experience EXPLOSIVE momentum! 

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn about the power of U and how it compliments all other areas you have tried before. It doesn’t replace what you know it enhances it. 

  • You will learn how to create explosive momentum not only in your business but your life. 

  • You will learn the 7 essentials ingredients for starting and sustaining momentum.

Why you need it

If your competition finds it first they win. 

U is the secret!

  • It’s time to invest and study U. 

  • U are the secret 

See what others are saying about Seth’s Teaching 

"Seth's book is a must-read for leaders in all fields, business and sports. There are a million self-help books but this is a unique look at leadership through the concept of momentum. It's Fascinating"

– Ernie Accorsi Former GM of New York Giants

"Seth pulls no punches. We need to think differently, we need a revolution. And we need it now. Disruption will always be painful for those who don’t want to change!"

-Stephen K. Klasko, MD, MBA, President of Thomas Jefferson University, and CEO of Jefferson Health

“Seth’s outlook on Momentum in business phenomenally illustrates the Culture of Excellence that every elite military organization strives for, including the Blue Angels.”

- Nate Barton, Former Blue Angel Pilot

“I learned that it’s important to be a lifetime self evaluate.”

- Jay Wright, Head Coach Villanova Men's Basketball

"We focus too much on strategy before we understand mindset. Seth shows the power of the combination in this book."

-Bill Simpson Former President and CEO of Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Co.

"This book looks at Momentum through real life experiences. You too can embrace Momentum. Start by reading this book. You will be well on your way!"

-Rebecca Kline, Partner SpringGate Vineyards

"Seth shows the secret sauce that makes strategy and tactics work. Get this piece right and you can make almost any strategy work."

- Geeta Nadkarni, Founder Impact with Influence

"If you understand momentum and your competition does not, you win."

-Herb Magee, Naismith Hall of Fame Basketball Coach

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About Me

Seth Lewis is a serial entrepreneur that left home at 16 and never looked back. Seth has an Executive MBA from Villanova University and has been featured on major news networks as a global momentum expert, coach and speaker. Seth helps leaders leverage the power of momentum in their organizations through speaking and coaching. 

Seth is the founder of Momentum U, an 8-week online course mixed with live coaching. Seth goes in-depth showing leaders how to unlock Momentum in “U” and the 7 essential steps to momentum. When he’s not helping others build their dreams, he’s shooting hoops or spending time with his wife and daughter. 
You can schedule Seth to speak or learn more about Momentum U at

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