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From Instant Success to Really BIG Mess

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Do you want to be successful? Of course you do, and you know that success takes hard work and effort. What if you were able to have booming success throughout your business almost instantly? You're thinking, "Geez, Seth. Why would you even ask such a silly question?" Anyone in their right mind would never turn down overnight success! I would, if I wasn't prepared and here's why... Success without preparation can be just as detremental for your business than a slow year. Think about it. 2020 was a successful year for many businesses because things that people may have been putting off became more urgent, services we took for granted became a necessity. In the snap of a finger, COVID-19 hit us and some businesses got hit in a good way...BOOM! Success...the phone is ringing off the hook, appointments are scheduled faster than you can complete them and the money is coming What could go wrong?!? A lot... I promise that I am a postive guy, but I want to be real. If you don't have a plan for success, if it hits you hard and fast, watch comes chaos! Short-term: 1. You need to hire quickly, but the people needing the jobs aren't trained and you don't have time to train them. 2. Now there's too many jobs and not enough workers. Yes, people were desperate for work when the pandemic hit, but you still have to have qualified people filling the jobs. 3. Details are overlooked because you're so busy. First, it's just small ones and then the big ones. 4. Someone got COVID and now your whole crew has it. What now? Long-term

1. You've overspent. You didn't plan for last year to be a success. Did you plan for the years ahead when you aren't as busy? 2. In the moment, rash decisions were made. Now, you're sitting on brand new equiptment (that you can't pay off) when your older equipment was still good.3. You don't need all of the people you hired. Time to let them go. The list goes on... The truth is that there is a time and a place to celebrate success. I want you to win, to be successful and to work smarter than harder, but I want you to plan for it. Have a "master plan"-one that connects your long-term strategy with your mindset, a plan that is on autopilot, so even when you go off course (when situations like a global pandemic happen) ; you can stay the course to achieve long-term, sustainable success and have what you really want. Maybe that's the first step...find out what you really want. Dig deep because it's not that simple. My team and I can help you connect the dots, have a plan, a backup plan and then a Plan E...and I use the word plan loosely. At Momentum U, we're all about helping you discover what works for your business. Maybe you're not a "plan" person...maybe you do better with a five year vision: "I see myself x,y,z in five years." It's really all about aligning your strategy and mindset. Let us help you do that! My team and I would love to hear more about your business. I want to invite you to hop on a free strategy call with a Momentum team member. You can schedule here. If you have any questions, let me know. Let's plan for your success!

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