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My Limiting Belief....What's Yours?

The problem is we all have them. It is usually the exact reason your business doesn’t go to the places you want it to go. You can put the perfect strategy in place and still watch things fall apart because of your limiting beliefs. They are so deep that it hurts sometimes to uncover them but it will change your life! A limiting belief is something you believe to be true that limits you in some way. The limiting belief could be about you, other people, or the world.

Limiting beliefs looks like this.

1. fear of success

2. fear of failure

3. fear we are not good enough to achieve what we want

4. fear of not being loved/being unlovable

5. fear of rejection – generally leading you to avoid relationships or people please

6. having negative attributes assigned to being rich/having money: For example, rich people are…

7. fear of greatness

8. we don’t deserve/we are not worthy of success

9. we have to work very hard, long hours for our money

10. others hold me back

My Limiting Belief

One of my limiting beliefs was I had past failures/challenges and I was not worthy of helping other people as a coach. I was scared because I struggled with cash flow and many of the other business challenges at times. I had a fear that someone would call me out for past challenges. Maybe a bill I was slow to pay but this is why I can help because I hurt and worked through the challenges. I’m still here after 17 years in business. I had great support and help from others which I am forever grateful for. I always knew I could help people but it wasn’t until I dealt with my limiting belief first did abundance flow.

You see, you cannot help others until you help yourself. It wasn’t until one of my coaches helped me see what was holding me back. Now I show up 100% with energy, passion, and love in all my organizations. Ironically more money falls to the bottom line. The effect has changed my whole life. Personally and professionally.

For me, Momentum U ( is not about the money but it's about the impact the program is able to make on business owners’ lives. It’s not about flashing “THINGS” but SHIFTS that create results.

REAL STORY….. When a business owner has not made a profit in 4 years and this year after completing Momentum U they are looking at their first SIGNIFICANT PROFIT!!!

What’s holding you back from your BLISS state?

Is it a lack of sales?

Not understanding why your company is not growing the way you want it to.

Maybe it’s doing all the work and not making the money you deserve.

My guess is there is a limiting belief that is holding you back. Your business doesn’t have to be “BAD” to explore this it means you want it to be BETTER!

Schedule a time to talk with me CLICK HERE and let’s see what you have going on. If I help uncover it on the call you can work on it on your own or you can have our team help you. It will not only change your business but your life.


Seth Lewis is a serial entrepreneur and Founder of Momentum U ( Seth and the team help business owners understand the parts of momentum so they can leverage it in their business. His approach is the perfect blend of mindset work combined with a strategy in an 8-week online course that includes LIVE coaching. Seth holds an Executive MBA from Villanova University, is a mentor to MBA students, board member, and author to the upcoming book (Dec 2020) Momentum: The investment you’ve been missing.”

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