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Sell More, Sell Premium: Stop confusing your customers

You may be blocking sales from your own business by unknowing being on a 1-way street and confusing your potential customers. Maybe the sales aren’t coming in the way you would like. Maybe You want to increase your sales and attract a better client. You may be confusing your customers and in the end if you are doing this..they will buy from someone else. This is a short read to help maybe stop you on this 1 way street, find the missing piece of the puzzle and increase your sales forever!

I was at a 4th of July picnic and a business owner said, in conversation….”I’m one of the highest-priced around in my industry. It was followed by asking questions about how to grow, the challenges of adding more people, and the burn of cash it eats up to grow. My first thought is something is not aligned! That is the whole reason to be premium to have extra. Think about a hotel. Hotel A charges $350 per night and Hotel B charges $125. Both have towels. Do you think the towels and wash cost much different in Hotel A vs B?

IT doesn’t but its the value that Hotel A conveys about their experience/expectation. People have no trouble coming up with the extra money if they understand what they are buying.

This is common for business owners to say and truly believe that “We are the best… we are premium but the problem is they are on a one-way street by themselves.

Let me explain!

The business owner views themself as premium or “expensive.” but the customer does not understand what makes them different from the person around the corner.

Most businesses do a TERRIBLE job of conveying their value. Mostly because THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW. They are good at the elevator pitch but there is no true value or substance behind their claim compared to their competition.

When I ask a business owner to explain how their value makes them different from the person down the street they have a quick response. The textbook answer but I can assure you it’s NOT GETTING YOU RESULTS. When I ask the guy down the street they tell me the same value that the other business owner “exclusively holds.”

This makes you a COMMODITY!

Instead of attracting customers, you will be turning them away because to them YOU DON’T make sense. Customers don’t understand just because you think they understand your value. This leads to a challenge in SALES and growth. If sales are not coming in we all know it leads to CASH FLOW challenges. These challenges don’t only affect us at work but our overall well being and mental state.

GOOD NEWS! If you truly understand your client and what THEY value you won’t have to hunt them...THEY will seek you out! You can fix this by doing a deep dive and work on your alignment to make it a 2 WAY street.

When you do this you will unlock MOMENTUM in your sales. Not only be able to increase your sales but charge premium and people want it….BECAUSE they understand your value. This allows your business to grow. It allows you to work as much or little as you want because you have money to pay QUALITY people to run your business.

GUESS what!? There’s even money for you at the end.

Alignment may be the missing piece of your puzzle. Let’s connect and have a conversation around this in your business. Stop trying to figure it out on your own. Set up a call with me and let’s explore it. It doesn’t cost anything but can save you…..well a lot.

CLICK HERE to set up a DISCOVERY CALL. Check out for more about what we do.

Talk soon



Seth Lewis is a serial entrepreneur and Founder of Momentum U ( Seth and the team help business owners understand the parts of momentum so they can leverage it in their business. His approach is the perfect blend of mindset work combined with a strategy in an 8-week online course that includes LIVE coaching. Seth holds an Executive MBA from Villanova University, is a mentor to MBA students, board member, and author to the upcoming book (Dec 2020) Momentum: The investment you’ve been missing.”

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