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We all agree momentum is such a powerful force, so why are we not learning how to leverage it in business?

In Momentum, Seth Lewis busts the myth that momentum is just luck and outlines a proven measurable strategy to create explosive momentum in life and business.

You’ll learn:

•The foundation of momentum and how to measure each of the 7 key components of momentum.

•Evaluate hidden costs and values that have major impact on business.

•How leaders from companies like Reebok, Southwest Airlines, Amazon, NFL, Hershey Entertainment, Jefferson Health leverage these steps for overall success.

•How to amplify your message, connect with customers and close at a higher percentage and margin resulting in more profit.

•How to measure and adjust to keep momentum going forever.

This book will help you IMMEDIATELY unlock momentum in any business or leadership role. Whether you’re a business leader or you want to achieve maximum success in your career, this book will help you create an action plan and create the life of your dreams!


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